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10/26/2022 08:00 AM

A Committed Advocate in Hartford

This November, I will support Norm Needleman for Connecticut State Senate. His record of using a bipartisan approach in achieving common sense solutions for problems is impressive! Norm also demonstrates strong leadership as Chair of the Senate Energy Committee, especially in holding Eversource accountable for responsible restoration of power after storms. Norm will also find solutions that will reduce energy costs, as well as expand renewable and nuclear energy development.

Norm Needleman voted to protect the reproductive rights of women. In a time when those rights are being threatened across the country, we need a committed advocate in Hartford.

Vote to re-elect Norm Needleman to the State Senate on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Vote in person at the Old Saybrook High School or complete an absentee ballot application which you will receive in the mail.

Nancy Walsh

Old Saybrook