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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

Works Across the Aisle

I am supporting Republican Candidate Chris Aniskovich who is running for the 35th State House District of Clinton, Killingworth, and a portion of Westbrook. Chris has served the Town of Clinton in many ways - from youth sports, town committees, boards, commissions, and is also the current Chair of the Town Council. He makes decisions in a collaborative way, working across the aisle and thoroughly looking at all aspects of an issue. He will not avoid voting on any topic or will he make promises he can not keep. Chris is a small business owner and knows first-hand what businesses and families are being financially hit with - dramatic increases in state imposed taxes, gasoline, diesel fuel, utility and food costs. He is also very concerned about safety, education, the environment and coastal resiliency, and healthcare.

A vote for Chris Aniskovich is a vote for you.

Bruce Farmer


Bruce Farmer is the former First Selectman of Clinton