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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

Vital Partners

Since taking office as First Selectwoman, I’ve had the honor of working closely with our state delegation on a range of important issues for our Town. Senator Christine Cohen and Representative John-Michael Parker have both proven themselves to be vital partners with local government on important public policy issues and great champions of Madison’s efforts to invest in its future. Both understand the importance of listening to local constituency concerns while also being mindful of broader public policy implications that affect all Connecticut residents. And both have worked closely with state leaders to deliver to us almost $6 million in state funds for important, high-profile community projects this past year, saving Madison tax-payers millions.

Over the last four years, Sen. Cohen has proven she has the right stuff to get the job done, using innovation, collaboration, compassion, and pragmatism. She played a key leadership role in passing several critical bills to strengthen Connecticut's coastal resiliency, improve healthcare and family safety nets, and further our fiscal stability and economic health. She also worked tirelessly to secure state funding to assist Madison in our strategic projects, including a $4 million grant for Academy. She listens, learns, and delivers.

First elected in 2020, Rep. Parker has been able to quickly build a track record as an innovator, problem-solver and bridge builder. He led the passage of bipartisan legislation that invests in public health, supports education, and conserves our environment. John-Michael wants to ensure that Madison families today enjoy the same, affordable quality of life he enjoyed while growing up here — partnering fresh thinking with realistic solutions to deliver change.

Together, State Senator Christine Cohen and Representative John-Michael Parker make a great team working for all of us. Please join me in voting to re-elect them to the state legislature on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Peggy Lyons


Peggy Lyons in the Madison First Selectwoman