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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

Knowledge and Gumption to Make Things Right

Connecticut does not have a funding problem, it has a wasteful spending problem! I’m not talking about the desirable local projects that we all enjoy, its the amount of featherbedding and inefficient paper shuffling in our state government that is obscene. Our state employee costs and unfunded debt and pension liabilities are near the highest in the country. We need to attack this endemic liability.

John Rasimas has recently retired from running the state auditor’s office and he knows where the problems are. John is uniquely equipped to attack this situation. He has the knowledge and gumption to make things right. When elected, he will be the only Certified Public Accountant in the legislature. Please join me in voting for John Rasimas as our representative for the 101st District in the state legislature.

Fillmore McPherson