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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

Involved Yet Accessible

Last year I moved to East Guilford (I mean Madison!) after 19 years in Guilford, and I was thrilled to know that my change in address did not alter my state representation. I am writing to enthusiastically support Christine Cohen for re-election for state senate.

I was on the Board of Education in Guilford when Christine first joined in 2015, and I had the pleasure of serving with her before she moved on to the state level. I was immediately and continually impressed with her preparedness, thoroughness, and willingness to get involved in issues in a respectful but forceful way.

She is a business owner and mother of three children and yet has found time to excel in her role as state senator. In her first term, she has risen to Chair of the Environment Committee, shepherding the passage of important initiatives that are among the most important for current and future generations. She is Vice Chair of the Commerce Committee and serves on Committees for Aging; Children; Finance, Revenue & Bonding.

Recently I had an issue that I thought merited potential attention from our legislators. Christine responded promptly to an email and found time out of her busy schedule to have coffee and discuss it.

I am excited to see her progress in a second term. She is what the 12th District needs – someone who is involved yet accessible. Please join me in supporting Christine on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Chris Moore