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10/19/2022 03:00 PM

Demonstrated Leadership

Policy and politics have a greater local impact than we often realize. State Representative Christine Palm has been extraordinarily effective delivering on the promises she made to her constituents in Deep River, Chester, Haddam, and Essex when she was first elected to the 36th Assembly District.

One of those commitments was to improve and protect the environment in our river towns. In the last session of the General Assembly, Christine successfully worked to establish the Office of Aquatic Invasive Species to address the damage caused by hydrilla in our waterways. That office is now coordinating with DEEP and other conservation organizations in Connecticut to mollify the problem. As Vice Chair of the Environment Committee, Rep. Palm has been a proponent of clean air and has helped to pass the Clean Air Act to limit carbon emissions. Further, she succeeded in passing legislation to include Climate Change education in public schools. Rep. Palm seems to understand that our local economies are dependent upon tourism and that it is vital to protect our natural resources.

Rep. Palm has not only demonstrated leadership at the state level, she has also demonstrated genuine concern for her constituents during very challenging times, responding to their calls and attending to their needs. Her response during the pandemic is an example of this, but there are other issues which demonstrate her concern. These include sensible gun safety measures, improved support for working families and the elderly, human rights, an increase in the minimum wage, pay equity, and women's reproductive rights.

Rep. Palm not only makes promises, but she delivers on them. Her experience in the state legislature is an asset to our local communities and to the people she serves. Experience matters. We need to re-elect Christine to the Connecticut General Assembly.

Gail Hoxsey

Deep River