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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

Defending the Coast

If you know me, you know how dearly I love my beach house. After working in special education, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the house of my dreams. Even more fortunate, it was nestled within the loving community of East Haven. And now, I want nothing more than to protect it. That’s why, this November, I’ll be casting my vote for Connecticut State Senator Christine Cohen.

Regardless of your affiliations, there is no denying the fact our shores are shrinking. When searching for a beach house, I noticed an eerie trend. Beachfront properties that should’ve been painted with golden sand were instead bolstered by cement seawalls. Especially for East Haven residents, we cannot overlook the threats of erosion. It is imperative that we elect a leader adamantly defending the coast. That person is Sen. Cohen.

As the Senate Chair of the Environmental Committee, Sen. Cohen confronts the issue directly, She’s championed coastal resiliency funding mechanisms to combat storm surges and rising sea levels. In fact, she’s already secured $770,000 for the Town of Madison to replace the seawall at Garvan Point. Her reach expands beyond shoreline neighborhoods, soothing the ocean itself with her steadfast efforts to eliminate invasive aquatic species.

As a small business owner, Sen. Cohen empathizes with shops along East Haven’s coastline. To protect places of traditional use from conflicting with natural resources, she approved the Long Island Sound “Blue Plan,” developing strategies to map and mitigate adversity and preserve a collective vision of the ecological area.

My mind is at ease knowing we have leaders like Sen. Cohen fighting to protect and preserve our coastline communities. To ensure our beaches continue to flourish—resilient and strong—join me in voting for State Senator Christine Cohen this November.

Cynthia Sparago

East Haven