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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

A Strong Voice

As I think about this election and what is happening in Connecticut, I want a strong voice in Hartford to represent Branford. I will be voting for Ray Ingraham for the next 102nd State Representative and encourage your readers too also.

I have worked beside Ray on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) since 2015. He is a leader in our community as well a family man, a grandfather, a volunteer, a veteran, and an advocate for those in need. I believe Ray will be an outstanding voice in Hartford, and we need that voice now.

Ray is motivated to represent our community with the same commitment and dedication he has given us for decades. He will bring to Hartford the best interest of the Branford taxpayers. Please join me in voting for Ray Ingraham in November. Every vote matters. Your vote matters.

Tricia Anderson


Tricia Anderson is a member of the Representative Town Meeting for District 1