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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

A Common Sense Practical Approach

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, we Guilfordians have an opportunity to send one of our own, Rich DiNardo, to Hartford to help redress the unhealthy imbalance of ideas that is damaging our state.

I believe most of our neighbors would agree that any monopoly is likely bad for its consumers, but that’s just what we have in our one-party state of Connecticut where tax and spend Democrats completely rule the roost.

It’s not hard to find negatives which need addressing. People and businesses are fleeing the state, taking wealth and jobs with them. This is, in part, because we are close to the highest taxed in the nation. In particular, property tax is crippling for many of modest means, despite unfulfilled promises to lower them.

We also have the highest utility bills in the nation, and crime in Connecticut is exploding. We are not even safe in normally tranquil Guilford with property theft and even an assault. To keep us safe, the police must know we have their backs and be free to do their job without fear of consequences.

Unfortunately, when viewing our state’s ranking, we are normally listed at the bottom when positive issues are considered and close to top when negatives are reviewed.

There is also the issue of parental rights in our school system. There must be clarity in what is being taught to schoolchildren, and parents deserve the right of input where controversial subjects are introduced into the curriculum.

Rich DiNardo is not looking to be a long-term politician but cannot ignore our problems any longer. He will take a commonsense, practical approach to addressing our ills, and I urge your readers to vote for him for State Representative for the 98th District on Nov. 8.

Patrizia Di Lonardo