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10/19/2022 08:00 AM

A Champion for Our Towns

I have lived in Old Saybrook for a long time and have been active in many organizations. I've owned businesses in town and have worked at Town Hall. I have voted for Republicans and have voted for Democrats. Never have I seen a more negative campaign than the one being thrown at our State Representative Devin Carney.

I have known Devin for years — as have many of you. His grandparents were a standard in Westbrook. He grew up in Old Saybrook and graduated from Old Saybrook schools. Heck, many of you remember seeing him on stage in high school and at The Kate. He's a part of so many organizations, always supports our kids, and has worked so hard over the past eight years. To me, he and his family represent the very best our community has to offer.

This is why it's so disturbing to see the nonstop negativity and bullying from his opponent. The lies he is spewing are merely there to divide our community and make a mockery of our political system. We don't need someone like that representing us. We deserve a champion for our towns and someone who has always put politics aside in favor of our citizens. If you care about kindness and are sick and tired of negative politics, then the only candidate for you is Devin Carney. His values are our values.

Sharon Tiezzi

Old Saybrook