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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

Will Be Well-Served

I want to let my fellow North Branford voters know about Attorney Chuck Tiernan, the Democratic candidate for Probate Judge of the combined Branford-North Branford Probate District.

I have known Chuck Tiernan for many years during his successful legal career. He is a partner in one of the best area law firms. Chuck's extensive legal practice has included the full range of probate matters.

Having previously been a probate judge for 13 years, I am familiar with what the job involves. Chuck Tiernan has the necessary knowledge, experience, people skills, commitment, and compassion to do the job right. I am fully confident that he can handle any probate case that comes into the court. We will be well-served by electing Chuck Tiernan to be our probate judge for the next four years.

Stephen Whalen

North Branford

Stephen Whalen is a member of the North Branford Democratic Town Committee.