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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

Understands Our Communities

As a teacher and parent helping children navigate the confusion of our current age, I take comfort in elected leaders like Christine Goupil. Her intelligence, principles, and community investment are embodied in her track record as the State Representative for the 35th District. At a time when malignant and self-serving national groups such as “parental rights” organizations try and divide communities by sowing confusion around our excellent public schools, and multimedia groups like Focus on the Family make a national push to support candidates who will undermine reproductive rights, it is heartening to know that Christine has a track record of supporting and understanding our communities.

Christine voted for the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act (H.B. 5414) which 100 percent of her Republican colleagues did not support. Additionally, Christine recognized the misleading messaging from national groups attempting to undermine our public schools and their curriculum and supported the Connecticut Budget Bill (HB 5506) which develops and provides key model curriculum for Connecticut public schools while over 90 percent of Republican representatives followed party line opposition. The 35th needs Christine’s knowledge and integrity to uphold the values that are currently threatened by forces far beyond our district's boundaries. Fortunately for us, Christine has a track record of listening to her constituents, informing her stance, and authentically and effectively representing Westbrook, Killingworth, and Clinton as a leader who will stand up for an educated citizenry and individual and reproductive rights. I’m looking forward to putting Christine Goupil back to work for me, my family, and the 35th on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Zachary Hayden