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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

The Choice is Obvious

I support Al Ippolito for probate judge. Unlike most writers who send letters in support of candidates who only know the candidate they support, I have known both candidates for many years and seen both in many situations. To me, the choice is obvious as it should be for everyone.

Due to the complexity of our lives, specialization has been a requirement for success. If I have a leaky roof, I call a roofing specialist. If I have a bad knee, I don’t go to a heart specialist; I go to an orthopedic doctor who specializes in knees. Similarly, for probate judge, we need a probate specialist. For 40 years, Al’s calm and confident demeanor has consoled, comforted, and guided clients through all aspects of the probate process from special needs (guardians and conservators) to complex estates.

If current and former probate judges, as well as other probate attorneys, seek Al’s counsel and guidance to handle difficult cases as a mediator or independent executor, shouldn’t we want him as our probate judge? His quiet confidence in knowing the probate system calmed his clients during trying, stressful and emotional times. His clients include the elderly, minors, disabled, heirs, executors, conservators, and guardians.

Do we want someone who can only make promises or do we want someone who has done it for his clients for 40 years and will continue to do it for all of us if elected? I think the choice is clear, Al Ippolito should be the next probate judge for Branford and North Branford. I encourage you to vote for Al.

David Goclowski