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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

Proven Experience

I support State Representative Christine Goupil for re-election in the 35th House District. As a resident of Killingworth, I am impressed with the extensive experience Rep. Goupil brings to her position. In addition to serving as First Selectman, in which she guided Clinton through changes in the town’s governing structure, she also served on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

At the state level, she has served her constituents as the Vice Chair of the Planning and Development Committee, protecting our local interests, and using her experience in local government and the private sector to return more funding to our local towns.

Rep. Goupil’s commitment to the 35th House District does not stop there. She has led the way to fiscal reform with a balanced budget in 2021, significant tax cuts, a budget surplus, debt reduction, and improvements in CT’s credit rating. She has also supported state funding for the development of small businesses and the creation of new jobs in the private sector.

Rep. Goupil has also served on the Transportation Committee, and has worked to improve state infrastructure for transportation, as well as maintaining her commitment to protect the environment. With her support, and an eye to the future, the state has allocated $2.5 million for battery-operated electric buses.

Rep. Goupil is also committed to legislative programs that promote health and safety. As a member of the Human Services committee, she demonstrates genuine concern for our veterans, first responders, the elderly, women, children, and families. Among her achievements are improved mental health for children, childcare for working families, gun violence prevention funding, improved homecare benefits for Seniors, and protection of women’s rights and healthcare.

Proven experience, and “people over politics”, are good reasons to re-elect Christine Goupil!

Claire M. Walsh