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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

Not a Done Deal

Are you informed about the multiple health and environmental effects from a large airport expanding only a few miles away? Tweed’s Master Plan proposes to extend the runway 1,500 feet, to become the same length as Laguardia Airport, with estimated flights taking off every 12 minutes. Research proves aircraft noise and low flying planes directly overhead disrupt our sleep, disturbs our peace, and inhibits childhood learning.

Westerly prevailing winds carry ground level ozone and fine particulate matter over 10 miles. Health effects include an increased incidence of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological disease and leukemia. The incidence of premature death is higher within 12 miles of airports. Climate exacerbation from new runway and terminal areas will add more asphalt (radiate more heat), increase CO2 emissions and flooding (loss of vital wetlands). Toxic runoff, along with de-icing chemicals, run into the Sound where we swim and fish. The increase in jet travel will harm migrating birds and destroy the sanctity of our shoreline parks.

A large expanding airport in a residential, historic, environmental justice area, with over five schools and daycares directly under the flight path is an environmental injustice. Those who bought shoreline homes did so knowing that Tweed’s runway would not be extended and made into a large regional airport, based on a legal agreement between East Haven and New Haven rooted from petitions and grassroot efforts lasting over 20 years. Legal efforts by the Tweed Authority recently overturned this agreement.

This is not a done deal. Save Our Shoreline, a Branford group including medical doctors, scientists, attorneys, and educators as well as Save our Sound legal team encourage the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to issue an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), a more thorough study to protect our public and environmental health. Please get involved.

Margaret Wheeler