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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

Effective and Dedicated

I consider myself very fortunate to have become acquainted with Devin Carney. He is, in my judgment, an honest man, considerate, thoughtful, personable, and articulate. I believe Devin possesses all the necessary qualities that make, and have made him, an effective and dedicated representative for our 23rd district.

Devin has become a principled leader in our General Assembly. He is not one of the Hartford politicians who so willingly surrendered their authority and responsibility during the pandemic. He did not succumb to the woke crowd demanding the constraining of our police, denying them their ability to do their jobs effectively. And he has not supported the tax increases and spending frenzy that continues to take place in Hartford, driving out businesses from Connecticut, limiting job opportunities, and rendering our state near unaffordable for retirees and our children.

Since his first election in 2014, Devin has continuously maintained close connections to our area. He has made himself available to his constituents, listening, learning, and bringing our concerns, reflecting our values, to Hartford. He has been a voice for responsible governance and ethical behavior, as important now as ever.

I hope you will be supporting, as I will, the reelection of Devin, confident that he will continue his dedicated and honorable representation of our district.

Jack Horne