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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

Delivered Big for Retirees

We are still wading in uncharted territory as the pandemic, supply chain issues, and the Ukrainian-Russian war continue to deliver unexpected and unprecedented disruptions to daily life around the world. On Election Day, I will vote with certainty for State Representative Christine Goupil as we need proven leadership, high-level troubleshooting skills, and a person of empathy who understands the needs of our aging shoreline community.

I measure competency by results, and she has delivered big for retirees and seniors. This past session, the Democratic majority was laser focused on passing critical legislation that put money back into our pockets by eliminating taxes on pension and annuity income for retirees making less than $75,000 per for single seniors and $100,000 per year for married couples.

Christine continues to work on next session priorities such as “aging in place” legislation to expand in home care, and adult daycare resources for our seniors. Another important priority is to pass legislation that protects seniors on fixed incomes living in manufactured mobile homes from predatory practices. She never takes her eye off the ball between legislative sessions, and is always ready to help her constituents remain independent and above water. In this extraordinary era, we need a representative who understands good governance and how to help mitigate life-altering challenges that were never anticipated. Our very capable and diligent State Representative has done just that. Now is not the time for novices or a change for change’s sake. Please join me and vote for Christine Goupil and Row A candidates across the ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Belinda Jones