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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

A Guy I Can Stand Behind

This spring I had the privilege of meeting John Rasimas just before he retired and decided to run for the House District 101 seat. I have walked around and canvassed with John. The more I got to know of John, the more I realized just how qualified he was to run for this seat. John is unstoppable as he has already canvassed 7000 homes in Madison and Durham.

John is a CPA with much experience in Connecticut State spending, wants who wants to reduce the price of cost for the residences in Connecticut, and has a passion for Madison/Durham townships. I could go on about how John wants to hold juvenile crime accountable, keep the electric company in check, and his quest to bring down the high prices of energy in this state.

For instance, John wants to repeal the highway tax that is to start in January and will even add more inflation than the 40 cent tax on diesel that they are currently are being charged.

John is a guy I can stand behind. He is not about throwing stones at his opponent - he is just a qualified honest guy who wants to make a difference in our state.

Nick Postovoit