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10/12/2022 08:00 AM

A Fighter

Imagine being fined $20 for not voting in an election? A bill doing just that was proposed in the legislature back in 2021 by a Democrat. What about new taxes on groceries amidst the inflation we are currently experiencing? Yup, that was proposed, too, by Democrats. How about a statewide property tax? The Democratic State Senate President has been pushing that one for years.

Fortunately, none of these concepts passed in the legislature, but the mere fact that they’ve been proposed should give people pause. Thankfully, we have State Representative Devin Carney actively pushing back against these absurd proposals that would negatively affect the residents in the 23rd District.

It is vital to our state that we have balance in the legislature and, with too much one-party rule, it is not out-of-the-question for one, if not all, of these bills to pass. We deserve a fighter who puts their constituents above political parties and we deserve a representative who has a track record of opposing higher taxes and combating terrible proposals like the ones mentioned. I am confident Devin is the only one in the race who would do this and he deserves our support on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Rhea Milardo

Old Saybrook