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10/05/2022 08:00 AM

Will Protect Our Rights

I‘m writing to support Christine Palm to serve the Haddam, Essex, Deep River, and Chester communities in the Connecticut State House. In her prior two terms, Christine has demonstrated her deep commitment to our communities and shared values.

Recent Supreme Court decisions have highlighted the importance of state leadership. Once settled law on medical privacy, civil rights, and voting rights have been referred to state legislatures. As a woman, I want a leader who will respect our opinions and choices and strive to ensure our voices are heard. I believe that medical decision-making and a women’s right to direct her medical care are fundamental freedoms that are under threat and necessitate supporting leaders who recognize that there’s no room for politicians in the exam room. As a mother of daughters, I have faith they can make appropriate choices in consultation with their physician. I want to be sure that my daughters have access to reproductive care, including access to contraception and the full range of medical care should anything go awry. Many of us know women who’ve had problems during pregnancy that required tough choices to be made. I trust women to make those difficult decisions without interference. Most importantly, I want my daughters to have at least as many rights that I’ve had, not less. I applaud Christine Palm for successfully advancing state legislation to protect reproductive freedom and enhance pay equity in Connecticut.

Fifty years ago our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters fought to ensure privacy and bodily autonomy rights. We owe it to the girls of today and tomorrow to ensure that we continue to protect their rights. Christine Palm is a thoughtful leader who believes in the power of women and will protect our rights at the state level.

Susan Bouregy