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10/05/2022 08:00 AM

Vote ‘Yes’

On Tuesday, Nov. 8 we can expand the way voters in Connecticut get to exercise their voting rights. Vote “Yes” to the proposed amendment to allow early in-person voting. This method works well in 46 other states, both red and blue. It is time for CT voters to have the same opportunity!

Imagine being able to schedule voting more conveniently around your work schedule, appointments, or kids’ activities. Imagine a college student being able to vote on a weekend when home from school. Imagine being able to vote early rather than possibly losing your chance to vote because something unexpected came up on Election Day. This amendment is a win-win for everyone and something that we could all celebrate!

Our communities are stronger when more people participate. All of us need to be involved in helping to solve common problems, protect our freedoms, and hold our elected officials to high ethical standards.

It’s time for Connecticut to update its voting and allow more people to participate in this most important civic duty. Please join me in voting “Yes” to early in-person voting on Nov. 8.

Meghan Brady

Old Saybrook