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10/05/2022 08:00 AM

Seen Enough Evidence

I’ve met Devin Carney and Colin Heffernan. They are both nice guys who are well connected to their communities. The election on Tuesday, Nov. 8 isn’t about choosing who’s the nicest, who’s the incumbent, or what political party a candidate belongs to. I want the 23rd District representative to be someone who will advocate for the issues I care about.

I live in Old Saybrook and see the impact of climate change in the form of rising sea levels every day. Colin Heffernan believes in climate change and will fight for an environmentally stable future. Devin Carney voted against the Connecticut Clean Air Act.

I remember how I felt when I heard about shootings in Newtown, Uvalde, and too many others. Firearms are the number one cause of death for children in this country. This is not acceptable to me as a parent. Colin is for responsible gun control laws and keeping assault weapons off the streets. Carney voted against fixing loopholes in our red flag laws.

My wife and I faced multiple reproductive challenges when we were growing our family. At one point, our joy of being pregnant turned to anguish because of an ectopic pregnancy. My wife is alive today because her doctors were able to provide urgent treatment that is now illegal or hard to get in some states. That time was difficult enough without the added problem of getting early, safe treatment for this complication. Colin is committed to enshrining protections for women’s health in Connecticut. In May, Devin Carney voted against HB5414, which authorized protections for women’s health.

I don’t think I’m best served by a representative who votes against these important issues. After eight years, I’ve seen enough evidence to make my decision. That’s why I’m voting for Colin Heffernan in November.

Michael Bender

Old Saybrook