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10/05/2022 08:00 AM

No Reservations

I am writing this letter in support of Christine Goupil for re-election as State Representative in our 35th District.

Two years ago, Goupil visited the Killingworth Democratic Town Committee when she first ran for State Representative. She was very policy oriented and her attention to detail was, frankly, lost on me at that time. However, now I see her approach as a great strength.

She continues to come to many of our group's meetings and fills us in on what is happening in Hartford and with the three committees she serves on (Planning and Development, Human Services, and Transportation). She has a quiet, modest demeanor which works well in a group setting. Goupil replies to our questions with in-depth, straight forward answers and shares her concerns and hopes for future legislation and the district she serves.

After her successful first term learning the ropes and achieving legislative victories, I have no reservations about backing her for a second term.

Bill Tobelman