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10/05/2022 08:00 AM

A Strong and Effective Voice

It is important to re-elect State Representative Christine Palm based on her record and her dedication. Representative Christine Palm has established herself in the Connecticut General Assembly as a legislator who advocates for her constituents. Rep. Palm is serious about the environment and has authored several important bills which have now become laws, such as teaching climate change in schools and the creation of an Office of Aquatic Invasive Species. She continues to work on legislation to expand the Clean Air Act to address carbon emissions. Rep. Palm supports legislation to protect abortion providers and patients. She believes in sensible gun safety which includes taking guns away from violent domestic partners and those with mental health issues. While all of these are amazing accomplishments, one of the main reasons to re-elect Rep. Palm to office is her accessibility to her constituents. If you have a question and reach out to her office, she will listen to you and respond. Christine Palm is a strong and effective voice for those in her districts: Haddam, Chester, Essex, and Deep River. Christine Palm has my vote.

Caroline Miller