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09/28/2022 08:00 AM

Willing to Fight

I am writing to you in support of Senator Christine Cohen, who is running for election as a Connecticut State Senator in my district, District 12 in East Haven. Christine is a champion of significant societal issues that demand attention. In view of the significant problems with accessing treatment for our children, especially in mental health modalities, our state needs more state senators willing to fight for our children.

Ms. Cohen been a strong advocate of youth mental health; in the wake of the pandemic, Senator Cohen prioritized her efforts to the youth mental health crisis. Together with her colleagues, Sen. Cohen was able obtain funding for the hiring of additional counselors, psychologists, nurses, and social workers in schools to address mental health needs of our youth. In addition, Christine worked to expand services at school-based health centers to include mental and behavioral health – all to help meet the needs of our children who might otherwise be left by the wayside. She further helped created an equity-based mental health fund aiding members of the public disconnected from mental health services, and enhanced school preparedness to respond to student opioid overdoses.

Senator Cohen worked to increase wages for childcare workers and improved access to early childhood education.

My vote goes to Christine Cohen who has demonstrated commitment to our future generation! She is the representative we need in East Haven!

Alicia Heaney

East Haven