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09/28/2022 08:00 AM

Represents the Values of the People

It is time for Old Saybrook, and the rest of the 23rd District, to be represented by someone who will successfully pursue the interests of the majority of voters in the District. It is time for us to elect Colin Heffernan! Not only has Colin served the people of Old Saybrook for many years on various bcoards and Commissions, but he has demonstrated his leadership skills by being elected chair of a number of these bodies.

In this era of polarized politics and pressure to vote with the party instead of for the constituents, Devin Carney has shown that he cannot withstand that pressure and so has voted against women’s rights, against common sense gun legislation, and against our environment. Do these votes really represent the wishes of the people of the 23rd District? Or, is Mr. Carney just falling into step with Republican policies?

Having worked at the State Capitol for over 30 years, I can tell you from personal experience that the way to get important things done and pass meaningful legislation is to be a member of the majority party. Having Colin “in the room” in the Democratic Caucus where key decisions are being made will only help insure that important legislation reflects the interests of those of us that live here in the 23rd. It is time to elect an effective leader who represents the values of the people in the 23rd District. It is time to elect Colin Heffernan.

Bruce Carlson

Old Saybrook