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09/28/2022 08:00 AM

Push Back Against Reckless Policies

In April 2020, Connecticut was allocated $1.382 billion for Coronavirus relief by the federal government. Setting aside the question of who will be paying for our now $30 trillion national debt; this was obviously a boon to Connecticut’s financial outlook. Certainly, it allows Governor Ned Lamont to boast of surpluses and massive investments over the past few years.

If history is a guide, in a few years these funds will have been spent and the budget will not look so rosy. Democrats will continue to spend and regulate and devise new ways to empty our wallets. Businesses and the people, with the means to do so, will continue to flee to Florida and the Carolinas; and the federal government will be less able to bail out Connecticut.

Westbrook voters should send fiscally responsible people to Hartford. We need to re-elect State Representative Devin Carney and to elect State Senate Candidate Brandon Goff. We need their voices of reason to push back against the reckless policies of the Hartford Democrats.

Harry Ruppenicker, Jr.


Harry Ruppenicker, Jr. is the chairman of the Westbrook Republican Town Committee.