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09/28/2022 08:00 AM

A Strong Advocate

District 2 of East Haven has become part of the 12th State Senate District, which is represented by Senator Christine Cohen. I’ve met Christine on the campaign trail and am very excited for her to represent part of East Haven as our State Senator. Christine, like myself and so many others, is also a small business owner. She knows the joy and struggles that come with small businesses and a mission of hers is to help small business owners grow and prosper.

Christine voted for the creation of a Paid Family and Medical Leave program in 2019, which passed allowing families to receive medical benefits while on medical leave. She has been fighting for a public health option, and, in that process, has helped expand affordable access to healthcare helping many people.

Christine is a strong advocate for Seniors, now a large and vulnerable population.She has worked to pass legislation that protects our aging population through reducing expensive copays for home care and providing more funding for nursing homes to improve staffing to patient ratios. Now Connecticut has become a national leader in protecting older workers by passing legislation prohibiting age discrimination in the hiring process, ensuring that older workers can get an interview.

I am so excited to have Christine working towards all the things I believe in and to vote for her to represent us as our State Senator!

Judy Mison

East Haven