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09/28/2022 08:00 AM

A Candidate with a Plan

Everywhere you turn, evidence of climate change is staring right back at you - wildfires across California and the Pacific Northwest, flooding in Pakistan, record high temperatures in Europe, and more frequent hurricanes right here on the East Coast. We need to stop asking candidates if they believe in climate change, and instead ask if they understand it and what they plan to do to reverse it. Christine Cohen is a candidate with a plan.

Christine has served as the Senate Chair of the Environment Committee for the past four years and Connecticut is better for it. She has passed a ban on plastic bags and updated the Bottle Bill - modernizing our recycling laws for the first time in a generation. She banned PFAS (forever chemicals) from fast food packaging and firefighting foam and is leading the charge on creating a cleaner energy grid and reducing use of harmful pesticides. She led passage of the Connecticut Clean Air Act which addresses carbon emissions in the transportation sector by making electric vehicles more affordable and charging infrastructure more accessible. Not only does Christine understand that we are in a climate crisis, she has the knowledge and leadership skills to pass legislation to mitigate its effects.

Climate change is an existential threat and Christine Cohen is the candidate who is prepared to meet the moment. Her leadership has put Connecticut as a national leader when it comes to protecting a clean air and water. I will be voting to send Christine back to Hartford this Tuesday, Nov. 8, I hope you will join me.

Katie Stein