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09/21/2022 08:00 AM

Will Make Well-Informed Decisions

In supporting a candidate for public office, I want to know that the person is going to do the job. Fortunately, State Representative Devin Carney reads every bill, participates in committees, and effectively communicates with the public. Critics look at bill titles without actually reading the language of the bill and attempt to smear Devin. Ugly partisan attacks by folks in our community have no place in polite public discourse.

With regard to SB 4 or “The Clean Air Act,” Devin cares about the environment and supported many facets of the bill – including ensuring the $10 Clean Air Act fee we pay on our car registrations goes to environmental purposes. Devin has proposed this several times while serving as our State Representative. However, much of the legislation included in the bill, like mandates on landlords, taxpayer-funded rebates for expensive electric vehicles (EVs), and forcing Connecticut to follow California laws instead of the EPA or our own, goes too far. Devin does the work to find a Connecticut solution to environmental issues without jumping on the California bandwagon.

Most concerning to me, in the bill, is the required phase-in of electric buses and school buses for municipalities and local districts. Recently, an electric bus blew up in Hamden and seriously hurt two employees. Battery fires are extremely difficult for firefighters to extinguish. As a parent, it’s frightening, SB 4 would require our children to ride such buses. Devin wanted to hold this section until we knew more, but partisans refused.

A well-educated community like ours deserves a legislator who will make well-informed decisions. Devin is the candidate who reads bills and doesn’t smear and defame based on a bill’s title. Devin Carney deserves our support this November!

Jason Becker

Old Saybrook