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09/21/2022 08:00 AM

Relentless in Her Dedication

It’s critically important these days to elect competent, compassionate, and committed leaders to represent Guilford in the Connecticut General Assembly, and that’s why I’m supporting Moira Rader for State Representative in the 98th District. Moira has dedicated herself to public service as the vice chair of the Guilford Board of Education, helping to sustain and improve our thriving public school system, which is a model for the state. She is relentless in her dedication and laser focused on preparing our students for successful, fulfilling futures.

Moira has a strong grasp of the challenges facing our state and will fight to make sure Guilford has a seat at the table. With over two decades of experience as an architectural design professional, Moira understands the needs of small businesses and will support legislation that streamlines red tape, scrutinizes fees, and bolsters innovators.

A well-known voice in our community as an advocate for women’s reproductive rights, mental health care access, and common-sense gun safety laws, Moira will amplify the need to stay vigilant. The stakes are high as we watch state after state turn their backs on women’s reproductive rights and the mental health care of children as we emerge from the pandemic. Moira will bring her voice to Hartford to protect Connecticut’s existing laws supporting a woman’s right to choose and work hard to expand access to mental health care for all.

I’m supporting Moira Rader for State Representative in the 98th District because she’s a proven community leader and I hope your readers will too!

Martha Carlson