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09/21/2022 08:00 AM

Public Schools are Their Top Priority

This Tuesday, Nov. 8, I’m looking forward to once again casting my ballot for Christine Cohen and casting my first ever vote for Moira Rader as State Representative. There are few things more important to a community than education and both Christine and Moira have made it clear that our public schools are their top priority.

Christine is a mother of three in the Guilford Public School (GPS) system and a former Board of Education (BOE) member. As our state senator, she has increased funding to local public schools, ended the practice of “school lunch shaming,” invested in debt-free community college, and so much more! Just recently, as we deal with the aftermath of COVID-19, she voted to address the youth mental health crisis through funding school-based mental health professionals, ensuring schools have opioid antagonists like Narcan in the event of a student overdose, and improving access to early childhood education for all families.

Moira is a mother of four in the GPS system and has been a Board of Education member since 2017. Formerly serving as Policy Chair and currently serving as Vice-Chair, Moira has been steadfast in advocating for public schools that support diversity, equity and inclusion, ensuring that every student has the tools they need to thrive. Our school systems are some of the very best in the state and through her hard work and leadership on the BOE, Moira has made it clear that she stands behind students, teachers, and parents.

Access to quality and comprehensive public education is essential and there are no two better candidates to protect this right than Moira and Christine.

Suzanne Carlson