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09/21/2022 08:00 AM

Has What it Takes

Today more than ever, being in the public eye is fraught with challenges. Elected officials face never-ending scrutiny and criticism. A good politician needs to listen to the demands and needs of their constituents while possessing thick skin. They must stand up and fight for the citizens they represent and be skilled at negotiating and finding solutions working with both sides of the aisle.

Senator Christine Cohen is an individual who has what it takes to represent the citizens of the 12th District. Her work in Hartford and her record over the last four years validate the trust and confidence the voters have in her. Sen. Cohen is at the forefront of many of the key issues facing our state and nation today. She serves as co-chair of the Environment Committee where she has championed numerous initiatives to protect our environment.

She is a strong advocate for protecting abortion access. She has recognized the mental health challenges facing today’s youth. Together with her colleagues, they have spearheaded numerous initiatives to combat many of the challenges facing us today in the mental health arena.

Christine is a small business owner; she understands what it takes to succeed and she has become a powerful voice for small business owners in our state.

Sen. Cohen is a person who truly listens to the concerns and works to find solutions to a myriad of problems and challenges facing people today. She’s a natural at communicating with the voters and keeping them informed on substantive issues facing our state and the work that she and her legislative partners do in Hartford.

We strongly support Christine and are asking you to join us in re-electing Senator Christine Cohen to represent the voters of the 12th District.

Bob and Susan Welsh