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09/21/2022 08:00 AM

Can Continue to Benefit the Shoreline

I am writing in support of Robin Comey’s run for re-election for State Representative from the 102nd District. I believe Robin is an exceptional candidate for this position due to her hard work and dedication to her constituents.

Robin is a great listener, which was on display when she stood on our front porch and chatting about the issues at hand with my husband. She truly cares what her district thinks about the future of their town and what these elections mean.

Another impressive example of her strong will was her persistent work in Hartford to get Public, Education, and Government Access (PEG) funding passed in early June. As an employee in the television business, it’s great to see state leaders fight hard for community access television which helps gets the voice of their people out to their prospective neighbors. Without this funding many PEG stations would simply not exist.

For these reasons, I strongly urge others to join me in voting for Robin Comey for State Representative from the 102nd District on election day so her hard work can continue to benefit the shoreline.

Ted Ebberts