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09/21/2022 08:00 AM

Always Been an Independent Voice

As an Independent voter, I strive to read up on all the candidates to find who best aligns with my views. Sometimes I will vote for a Republican and sometimes I will vote for a Democrat. This year, I plan to split my ticket and once again vote for Devin Carney for re-election. Devin recently received the Independent Party endorsement in addition to the Republican endorsement and was named a national “Rising Star” for his work in building bipartisan consensus.

Devin has always been an independent voice for the residents of the 23rd District and consistently stands up for our local small towns, schools, and taxpayers. He has worked across the aisle on energy policy and secured lower energy rates this upcoming winter season due to the contract with Millstone. He has worked across the aisle on healthcare policy to ensure women have access to essential health benefits and better breast cancer screenings. He’s worked across the aisle to stop forced school regionalization – something the most radical progressives wanted. He has always been there to listen to our concerns and fight for us in Hartford.

The Independent Party of Connecticut’s platform is People Over Politics, Civility, Integrity, Transparency, and the Ability to Think Independently. Devin honors these values and why I will be voting for him this November.

Lindas Williams Dillon

Old Saybrook