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09/07/2022 08:00 AM

Champion the Message

I am writing in support of Dr. Paul Freeman and our Board of Education today. In a recent email to the Guilford Public School (GPS) families on Aug. 29, Dr. Freeman shared that he was excited and optimistic about the year ahead and that GPS continues to “value and celebrate the differences our students and families bring with them every day.” Perhaps it’s because I grew up with a special needs brother or perhaps it’s because my best friend was deaf or maybe it’s just due to how I’m built, but inclusion has always felt intrinsically right to me and its opposite turns my stomach. To have the remarkable leader of our noted school system champion the message of inclusion gives me a sense of deep gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Freeman, and all the best to the Board of Education and the many insightful, patient, brilliant educators and administrators at GPS – here’s to a wonderful school year.

Julie Fitzpatrick