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08/31/2022 08:00 AM

Innovative Solutions to Problems

I write this letter with adamant support for the re-election of State Senator Christine Cohen, a remarkable woman — an energetic business entrepreneur, whose work on sensible legislation reflects great productivity. Sen. Cohen represents the values of many of our district’s people, in that she is progressive yet practical. She introduces important legislation as the times call for them, crossing ideological lines to create innovative solutions to problems. She is a conscientious, hard worker, who over a short time-span, has advanced to leadership roles to better help serve Branford, our other important district towns, and Connecticut as a whole. Connecticut is coming back. What more overall needs to be said? I will, though, continue — just as Senator Cohen’s service should.

Beyond her legislative successes, Senator Cohen keeps her constituents continuously apprised. She provides specific details about Capitol activities, through mailings, e-mails, and town hall events; this helps to keep me personally informed. She conducts such compassionate communiqué more efficiently than other public figures. Though her opponent seems like an affable fellow, Ms. Cohen maintains a humble profile, rather than aiming for the political spotlight. She listens to her residents, yet also has a strong character and compass, instead of just gliding along with the popular political trend. To be so accomplished, yet so low key, presumably reflects her diligence, her intellectual curiosity with acumen, and an inner self-confidence; for this, I greatly applaud her, and I am confident that she is capable of much more. I implore your readers to consider these personal and professional qualities when they vote in this year’s state election.

Todd J. Barry