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08/03/2022 08:00 AM

Represents the Future of Politics

Andy Gottlieb is a youthful candidate running for Connecticut State Representative in the Tuesday, Aug. 9 Democratic primary. I met Andy this spring, and he impressed me as a thoughtful listener who wants to improve our government. He possesses talent, drive, persistence, and intelligence. Most importantly, he represents the future of politics and good government. We have too few of his age who are willing to serve.

His qualifications? He was a co-valedictorian of his high school class in Guilford, graduated from Wesleyan, and got a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins in international relations and economics. He has already put these credentials to work in state government and in Washington, D.C. He knows the system of state government, he knows the local issues in Branford and Guilford, and he certainly knows the high school scene and has many supporters his age.

I have voted for over 50 years and many of those in government are older than I am. I am very worried about the future if we don’t elect and put into place motivated and qualified young individuals dedicated to lifelong service in government.

Margaret Ikeda