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08/03/2022 08:00 AM

Has a Steadfast Determination

If you’re a registered Democrat in Guilford or Branford you will want to vote in the upcoming Tuesday, Aug. 9 primary. Democrats have a choice for state representative, this time because a young man who grew up in Guilford and wants to put himself out there for our community. Andy Gottlieb, a former intern for Senator Chris Murphy and human rights researcher and advocate, seeks to become our next staterepresentative.

I met Andy this spring when I was looking to support local candidates that represent my values. Andy believes that “we need deep, systemic change at the state level to fight for economic, racial, and climate justice.” As a unionized state employee, I like that he believes “union rights are at the core of our modern democracy.” He also intends to “fight the austerity mindset that hurts our economy and never actually balances the budget.” He wants to “invest again in public services and sustainably grow our economy.”

A belief in protecting our infrastructure and environment drives Andy to work for lowering pollutants in the air and water and for the continued development of alternative energy. He will carry on the Shoreline legislative delegation’s efforts in protecting Long Island Sound. And he will act to ensure our electrical grid is reliable and affordable for consumers.

Andy has a steadfast determination that allows him to reach his goals. I have watched him patiently weed through procedures for submitting signatures to get on the ballot. I’ve experienced him motivate his volunteers to knock on more doors.

Vote for Andy Gottlieb. He displays the essential qualities we need in a representative: understanding the complex issues of our times then persevering to find solutions that will improve lives in our community.

Camille Solbrig