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08/03/2022 08:00 AM

Earns the Respect

Tuesday, Aug. 9, is primary day. Among other contests, Democrats will be choosing their candidate for the General Assembly seat for the 98th District (Guilford, Stony Creek and Pine Orchard). I will be voting for Moira Rader.

Like many parents who find themselves drawn into politics, Moira – a mother of four - began by volunteering in her children’s school. Because she is competent and thoughtful, she ran for and was elected to the Guilford Board of Education. Because she is a hard worker and earns the respect of those she works with, she was chosen by her fellow Board members for leadership positions.

Moira has served on the Guilford Board of Education for the past six years – through the period of adaptations required by COVID and through a period of sustained attacks against the superintendent, teachers and the Board. Moira persevered and was the top vote-getter in the fiercely-contested recent election for the Board.

Moira is now running for the state legislature. Moira is able, articulate, and a good listener. If elected, she will bring her considerable abilities and talents to the important job of representing our district in Hartford. I look forward to voting for Moira on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

Penny Bellamy