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07/27/2022 08:00 AM

Represents the Next Generation of Voters

I urge my fellow Democrats to support Andy Gottlieb for state representative in the Tuesday, Aug. 9 primary. He is exactly the type of progressive leader we need representing us up in Hartford.

Andy is intelligent, kind, thoughtful and a good listener. He lives and breathes politics and public policy and has a keen understanding of history. Perhaps most crucially, he is as passionate a defender of democracy as you’ll ever find. In his professional and academic career, he’s stood up to dictatorships and spoken up for human rights and freedom of expression. As an activist, he’s fought tirelessly to reinvigorate democracy here in Connecticut by pursuing the reform of our most-restrictive-in-the-nation ballot access laws. It’s owing to his grassroots efforts that Democratic voters in this district will be able to choose their nominee for the first time in the recorded history of the seat.

We talk a lot in Guilford about preparing our young people for the future. Andy represents that next generation of voters. He understands that we must act swiftly to combat climate change and live up to our values of racial, social, and economic justice. I hope the people of Guilford and Branford seize this opportunity to elect such a standout future legislator.

Debbie Greco