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07/13/2022 08:00 AM

Results of Time, Effort and Collaboration

On Monday, Ivoryton Village celebrated Independence Day with its 16th annual July Fourth parade. As always, spectators from surrounding towns joined Ivoryton Village residents gathering on the Green and lining Main Street. Music, provided by Paddy Hurley and the New Horizons Band, floated across the Ivoryton Green as people enjoyed a perfect summer morning.

Events like this don’t just spontaneously occur, but are the result of time, effort, and collaboration. It is truly a labor of love on the part of committee members: Jim Francis, Chris Shane, Loretta McClusky, Sharon Lewis, and Laura Copland. A very special thanks to co-chairman Cotty Barlow. Cotty is an old hand at this, but this year he managed to pull off a few minor miracles. An array of volunteers fill the gaps and help pull the whole shebang together. Of course, we could not do any of this without the support and cooperation of the Ivoryton Alliance, the Town of Essex, and Resident State Trooper Mark Roberts and our wonderful police officers.

And finally, hats off to the many enthusiastic marchers. It wouldn’t be much of a parade without you.

Lorraine Donovan