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07/13/2022 08:00 AM

Had No Place

The Madison Exchange Club once again put on a fantastic Independence Day parade. I’m a lifelong Madison resident, and for (nearly) 50 years, this parade has been a summer highlight for myself and my family. There is always something to delight everyone, from vintage vehicles, to fife and drum corps, to children getting handfuls of candy from various clubs and sports teams. One group, however, broke the festive mood. The people marching and chanting, “Bob, Bob, Bob…” in support of their political candidate. This group of people sounded menacing, not patriotic. I didn’t hear one cheer from the crowd as they walked by chanting and aggressively pumping their fists. I’m not sure what message this group was trying to send. That behavior does not represent the Madison I know and had no place at the parade.

Tracey Hansen