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07/06/2022 08:00 AM

The Burden with Little Benefit

If Tweed New Haven Airport expands into East Haven I believe the negative impact will be the most destructive issue in our history. We will be the people who take on the burden with little benefit. Our roads, environment, air, water, and lives as we know it will suffer irreparable damage. I believe the 43-year lease has no benefits to our residents. We are a small beach community with homes all around the airport. We have co-existed with Tweed since August 1931. Avelo is flying in and out with the existing runway. Why the need to expand? The lease will allow a 74,000 square-foot terminal to be built on an area with precious wetlands, and it includes freight, which will mean 24/7 flights and tremendous traffic. Tractor trailers will take over our roads.

We are still waiting for Mayor Carfora to have an honest and open discussion, but to date it is silence. This should be a conversation in our town. The first Town Council meeting was abruptly stopped and police were called on the residents. No one was arrested or did anything wrong! These people are supposed to represent us; they do not make life-changing decisions without input by those who vote.

Many people are not aware of the terrible effects of jet fuel in our air. This is not hysterical hype! Children living near airports have neurological and other health issues. What is the price this administration is willing to pay for the health and well-being of its residents? Do we matter or is this about a few people reaping benefits while the rest of us suffer? East Haven is not Tweed’s sacrificial lamb! It’s time to say no.

Jean Edwards-Chieppo

East Haven