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07/06/2022 08:00 AM

Must Have Representation

Taxation with representation is fundamental to town governments. The voters and taxpayers of Old Saybrook overwhelmingly voted for new elected Old Saybrook Police Commissioners, to improve the Old Saybrook Police Department’s transparency and accountability. In April the Old Saybrook Police Commission voted to change the bylaws of the Commission. Attorney Michael Cronin and Attorney James N. Tallberg wrote opinions against these bylaws. Prior to the June 27 Old Saybrook Police Commission Meeting, First Selectman Carl Fortuna, prematurely without legal ligation from a court, informed the commissioners each of them could be personally liable for any liability with these new bylaws.

At this meeting Commissioner Renee Root Shippee stated that she would not be intimidated or bullied and voted no to rescinding the new bylaws. Commissioner Jill Notar-Francesco stated that she voted yes to rescind the bylaws because she was told of the personal liability.

For years the Old Saybrook Police Commission and the Old Saybrook Police Department have consumed more time disputing each other than in pursuit of criminal activity. I firmly believe that the taxpayers of Old Saybrook must have representation on the Police Commission and the general government. Therefore, until representative government is restored to the Old Saybrook taxpayers and citizens, the July 1 tax payments should be put into escrow accounts.

Eleanor Susan LaPlace

Old Saybrook