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07/06/2022 08:00 AM

Facts Cannot be Disputed

In response to Superintendent of Guilford Public Schools Dr. Paul Freeman’s and the Board of Education’s (BOE) performance during the May 9 BOE meeting, No Left Turn In Education Guilford (NLTG) sent a response letter to the BOE on June 11 seeking an apology and inviting the Board to meet formally with NLTG to come to an agreement guaranteeing that our students and teachers be exposed to different points of view concerning their “Equity and Social Justice Initiative” (ESJI), and that they comply with state and town statutes requiring that students not be indoctrinated with a singular ideology. If you haven’t viewed the May 9 BOE meeting, I encourage everyone to watch this meeting on You Tube from the 1:05:00 to the 1:25:00 mark to witness how the free speech rights of Guilford parents and concerned citizens are being undermined.

In their June 13 meeting, from the 17 minute to the 19 minute mark, BOE Chairwoman Dr. Katie Balestracci recommended the BOE not accept NLTG’s invitation to meet saying “We cannot condone the tactics of this group which contain misrepresentations and personal attacks.” I encourage everyone to watch these two minutes to witness the disdain the Board has for anyone who dares to disagree with their ESJI, and to also visit the website where NLTG’s response letter can be viewed. The response letter contains an extensive bibliography highlighting quotes from our superintendent, members of the BOE, and the consultants hired to implement their ESJI. I think the citizens of Guilford will be stunned when they learn about the indoctrination taking place in our school system under the guise of “Equity and Social Justice.” Balestracci did not dispute anything in our bibliography or make specific references to misrepresentations or personal attacks she claimed were made. This is because facts cannot be disputed. This is why the BOE will not meet with us on the record.

David Holman