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06/29/2022 08:00 AM

Will Represent Us Well

I was thrilled to learn that my friend Moira Rader is running for state representative for the 98th district. We are so fortunate to have a Guilford resident with such strong leadership skills to vote for this year!

I know that Moira will represent Guilford, and the entire 98th district, very well and will always work hard to make sure our voices are heard in Hartford.

I’ve been proud to call Moira a friend for nearly 10 years. We met when our children were in kindergarten together at A.W. Cox School. Moira has always been involved in helping our community. She volunteers at the schools and at our church, St. George, as well as for many different nonprofit groups and organizations along the shoreline. In 2016, Moira was elected to the Guilford Board of Education where she has dedicated her time to advocate for all of our children at Guilford Public Schools. She currently serves as the vice-chairperson for the Board of Education. In addition to this leadership experience, Moira has the kindness, generosity, and good sense to be a strong leader in Hartford who will represent us well.

Join me in supporting Moira Rader in her campaign for CT State Representative. If you are a registered Democrat, then cast a ballot for Moira in the Aug. 9 Democratic primary. And then in November, vote for Moira Rader for state representative for the 98th district!

Barbra Hargraves