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06/29/2022 08:00 AM

A Positive, Meaningful Impact

A couple months ago, a gentleman contacted me about auctioning off his artwork. He graciously offered to donate the proceeds to Community Nursery School (CNS), a non-profit cooperative preschool here in Guilford. It was the same artist that created the magical penguins on the Green this past winter, and he had made some incredible farm animals that were equally as delightful. Besides putting together an amazing exhibit for children and adults alike, the funds generated from the auction went go to tuition assistance at CNS.

I am sharing because this act of kindness was so unexpected and so inspirational. We all have talents, and what an amazing gesture to share them in such a way. It was a beautiful lesson for the children, and for everyone, to remember to use our gifts and abilities for good. Thank you this wonderful individual who has left a positive, meaningful impact on those around him. And some amazing penguins and chickens in our backyards.

Rachel Daniels, Director

Community Nursery School