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06/01/2022 08:00 AM

Must Wait and See

I refer to the May 12 article “Guilford Economic Development Emerges from the Pandemic,” quoting Guilford Economic Development Director Sheri Cote. She appears rather bullish about Guilford’s economic development prospects in the wake of Walmart’s closure. We will have new “Welcome to Guilford” signs and direction signs around town. We are also providing existing merchants with grants so they can paint their stores, and the only retail store opening is a nail salon and spa.

While this and a few additional obscure businesses are of course welcome, they hardly compensate for the loss of the convenience that Walmart provided, not to mention its tax contribution to our town.

Without wanting to diminish the value of all the businesses eking out a living in Guilford, I doubt that they combined carry as wide a range of items as did our small Guilford Walmart.

We must wait and see if and when a new tenant takes the vacant space, but surely now is not the best time for that with today’s economy.

The best I can see in this article is that we only pay half of Ms. Cote’s salary as she is shared with Madison—sorry, Madison!

David Roberts