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05/11/2022 08:00 AM

Put a Plan Together

Okay, here is my last word on the HVN airport: I am not against airports. I love airports. I love airplanes. Years ago we always took our kids to Tweed to watch the planes land and take off. It was fun and it was free. There just has to be a limit to the number of landings and take offs in a 24-hour period, and it can’t be a moving limit increased every couple of years. The only way to control flights is to negotiate with the FAA and Connecticut Department of Transportation. Forget New Haven. East Haven has to negotiate only with the people who can control flights.

Why not ask Mayor Joe Carfora to form a committee of interested, reasonable people to negotiate, working all the time with him or someone chosen by him? That’s a plan. I cannot get anything done without a plan. I can do anything if I have a plan. I’m sure the Town of East Haven can put a plan together. This is positive action for the future of a wonderful town, East Haven.

Peggy Thomas

East Haven